We, ChingShenger Co., Ltd, formally known as Chia Tsai Enterprise Corp., founded in 1985, Changhua, central Taiwan, Southeast Asia.
We have excellent reputation on manufacturing bathroom equipment in Taiwan and overseas. Being a professional bathroom hardware product manufacturer, we’ve put a lot of effort to design and develop high quality showerheads, faucets and tubes to meet customer’s expectations.
Our products are famous for their superior quality, reliability and attractive appearance by the end users from all over the world. To further satisfy customer needs, we have a series of standard sizes, styles and colors provide a wide range of options to choose from.
We have a complete production line which includes stamping, CNC lath, CNC machining, casting, forging, welding, polish, plating, and various tests. Furthermore, to enhance our ability on decorative surfaces which is required by most of our high-end customers, we’ve set up a plating plant by our own to reinforce the performance of our products in many different colors.