2021: Separated faucet department and established a new company Chang De Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd to handle faucet business.

2020: Added production liability insurance to back up our customers in selling our products.

2019: Faucet products are all certified with CCSA NSF-61 and NSF-372.

2015: Established faucet department.

2009: Expanded again to a new factory, total floor area 3,630 M^2.

2004: Certified with ISO9001 and CCSA.

2003: Established plating plant.

2002: Added polish department and welding department.

2001: Expanded to a new factory with 1,650 M^2 space.

1995: Started manufacturing large-size brass shower head, exported to USA, Austria, and Europe.

1992: Developed various ODM brass shower heads and tubes.

1988: Established ChingShenger Co., Ltd. to replace ChiaTsai Enterprise Corp.

1987: Started to use brass materials and manufactured OEM components.

1985: ChaiTsai Enterprise Cop. was founded by ChingTsai Lee manufactured OEM door locks.